I am a research scientist at Kao Corp. R&D, passionately pursuing the development of innovative skincare products. In 2017, I graduated from the University of Tsukuba with a Master’s degree, during which I conducted research into the impacts of exercise on the body and brain, utilizing my skills as a biological scientist and neuroscientist.

I have expertise in multiple research areas including biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, sports science, dermatology, computer vision, and cosmetics.

My Curriculum Vitae


Metabolome analyses of skin dialysate: insight into skin interstitial fluid biomarkers

Journal of Dermatological Science (2024)

High-intensity Intermittent Training Enhances Spatial Memory and Hippocampal Neurogenesis Associated with BDNF Signaling in Rats

Cerebral Cortex (2021)

Skin capillary extraction technique based on independent component analysis and Frangi filter using videomicroscopy

Skin Research and Technology (2020, Selected as Cover Image)


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2019 Cosmetic Business, “Kao scientists discover capillary blood flow linked to skin beauty
2020 Cosmetics and Toiletries, “Kao Dually Visualizes Vessels, Capillaries in Deep Skin Tissue